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We love our local community and are grateful to live in wonderful Traverse City, in this blessed country on this beautiful and sacred planet!.

We believe that it's not enough to live in a community, or to be a part of community. We believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to our community, and we are grateful to be able to volunteer with local organizations on a regular basis.

We also encourage our students to participate in local Soup Kitchens, and other non profit organizations.

"Seva" gets you Original Hot Yoga Classes!
"Seva" means: "Selfless Service"

You do 1 hour of "Seva" at any approved volunteer spot & you get 1 free yoga class!

LIMIT: 10 classes, or 10 hours per year per student.

If volunteering is your vocation, you do not qualify. You must have current package.

Here are more volunteer ideas that you may be interested in...



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